About nineball.... In everyone's life, at some time, our inner fire goes out. It is then burst into flame by an encounter with another human being.We hate bios. We never know what to write. we usually prefer to have people listen to our music and then make their own decision as to what we sound like. We have been called a pop band, a rock band, an alternative,nu metal band ...We think you get the picture. It's all Rock-n-Roll to us. We have eclectic tastes. Our new record is a great example of that. We draw from bands like Muse, Joe Jackson,Dashboard Confensional,Incubus,coldplay,nineball is based in Bandung, West Java,Indonesia .but this band is not the typical export. You won't hear cheesy superficial music at an nineball show. Instead, you will experience an energetic and eclectic blend of pop, alternative rock, and experimental vibes and jams, all packaged in a radio-friendly format, but it's not bubble gum by any means. When you see nineball live, you'll hear raw, passionate vocals that carry catchy melodies and intricate harmonies through the varying song styles. While one of the guitars lays down chord progressions and rhythms, the other guitar adds layers of color and sound effects that compliment the melodies and create the atmosphere and mood of each song. Drums and bass form a powerful rhythmn section that is not afraid to push the envelope. They drive the energy of the music by exploring intricate grooves and time signatures without sacrificing dynamics and feel. The band covers the spectrum of rock, so don't be too quick to categorize them. Lyrically, nineball is introspective, analytical, and transparent. Our songs address personal struggles and human behaviors as well as the celebration of life and love...That is what we hope to do. We will write more on this thing later...Greets (nineball)


west java



2007-09-17 14:30:25